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A Unique Collection of Fine Jewelry with Personalized Service

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  • Rembrandt Gold Charms | Silver Charms

    Rembrandt Charms: Designing and Manufacturing Gold & Silver Charms and Charm Bracelets for Over 50 Years! Rembrandt Charms offers a lifetime warranty on their products, reflecting the craftsmanship, dedication and commitment of the entire Rembrandt Charms staff. Items will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

  • Dazzlers Premium Gold Charms for Bracelets

    With Over 50 years now in Jewelry Making, Dazzlers has set its sights on becoming the founding pioneer of an industry; where collectible jewelry is becoming almost non-existent, Dazzlers is creating new waves in Gold & Diamond jewelry.

  • Caribbean Hook Bracelets

    Montesino Caribbean Bracelet Company is the original manufacturer of the highly coveted bracelet which is the signature for Caribbean life and all the wonder it represents.

  • USA Destination Bracelets - Caribbean Island Destinations

    Our nation is full of interesting and provocative places and Montesino International is celebrating them all with the Montesino Destination Bracelet Collection®

  • Original Hook Bracelet

    Islanders in the Caribbean have worn the hook bracelet for centuries. It has been adopted as a symbol of unity and love for islanders living in the Caribbean. Lore has built up around its simple horseshoe design.

  • Reller Gold Aviation Jewelry, Nautical and Sealife Jewelry

    All our jewelry designs are handcrafted - from start to finish - at the Reller Gold studio in Gainesville, Florida. ​ Largest Selection of Nautical, Sea Life and Resort Designs

  • Nicole Barr Jewelry

    Our commitment to creating vibrant, colorful jewelry and cuff links of the highest quality has attracted the attention of even the most demanding of our peers, such as Fabergé.

  • Marika Desert Gold Fine Jewelry

    MARIKA Desert Gold is well known as a source of high quality, beautiful jewelry sets made of diamonds as well as stones that have striking colored and natural stones.

  • Frederic Sage Fine Jewelry Collection

    Frederic Sage collections are described as contemporary with a twist and are intended for the modern woman. Frederic Sage’s mission is to create classic jewelry with a twist that will withstand the test of time.

  • Marathon Religious Jewelry - Crosses & Medalions

    Established in 1897, Marathon is a family owned and operated jewelry business. Their strength is manufacture a quality piece of jewelry of superior design and craftsmanship at an affordable price.

  • Reyes del Mar Sealife and Nautical Jewelry

    Reyes del Mar's line of sea life and nautical jewelry is an extension of their passion for fishing and the ocean. RdM offers handcrafted quality jewelry and the feel of true luxury with a lifetime of satisfaction.

  • Stardust Jewelry

    Start Dust jewelry has a rough idea of what people like. Born from textures and patterns found in nature our new line of brilliant sterling silver with a big look and a great price.

  • Lauren G. Adams Jewelry

    Lauren G Adams is lifestyle designed for any occasion especially anywhere near sun and sand. Lauren G Adams is most known for its colorful enamels and bold designs. Dress up or dress down; you’ll always have the perfect piece.

  • Steven Douglas Jewelry

    Over the past 25 years. Steven Douglas has fashioned hundreds of innovative designs, some with exacting detail and others with whimsical interpretation. The results have brought world wide recognition to Steve and the Steven Douglas Company.

  • Carla Fine Jewelry

    At Carla, we live by four standard principles: Quality, Service, Trust, and Dependability. All of our manufacturing is done in our main factory located in East Providence, RI or our Los Angeles, CA Design Studio. Some of our processes are unique to Carla which makes our jewelry so distinct.

  • Peter Costello Nautical Jewelry

    If you are looking for maritime collection of gold jewelry or fish jewelry you will find it here. Peter Costello Nautical Jewelry is made to high standards and are lifelike. See our complete line of Peter Costello's sea life gold jewelry and beach themed gold jewelry.

  • Marathon Kiddie Kraft Childrens, Baby & Teen Jewelry

    Kiddie Kraft manufactures baby and children's jewelry and sterling gifts. They offer quality children and teen jewelry of superior design and craftsmanship at an affordable price.

  • Marathon Sterling Silver and Gold Filled Jewelry

    Marathon is equally well known as a leading manufacturer of fine ladies’ lockets, bracelets, and religious jewelry. All Marathon Sterling Silver and Gold Filled Jewelry come with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Marathon Fine Gold Lockets

    All Marathon Jewelry Lockets are made in silver, 14ct gold or brushed on gold with polished surface or engraved surface with flowers and hearts with a reputation for Integrity, Reliability, and Service

  • Nancy B Fashion Jewelry

    Nancy B. colorful gemstone jewelry presents the best of its designs in Gemstone Jewelry, Earrings and Necklaces crafted with sterling silver and gold Nancy B created classic and wearable jewelry.

  • Nancy B Color Gemstone Jewelry

    Nancy B. colorful gemstone jewelry presents the best of its designs in Gemstone Jewelry, Earrings and Necklaces crafted with sterling silver and gold Nancy B created classic and wearable jewelry.

  • Vanmark Marine Life Collection Jewelry

    Fine nautical jewelry collections inspired by the ocean. VanMark Jewelry Designs offers mens jewelry, sportfish jewelry and stunning diamond jewelry. Fine nautical jewelry collections inspired by the ocean.

  • Jack Slack Designs 3D Animal Jewelry

    Slack's artistic gold cat carvings. Both kittens have genuine emerald eyes and the one on the right has a genuine diamond pave belly. The "hang in there baby" collection is very unique and high quality.

  • LeStage Cape Cod Jewelry

    LeStage authentic Cape Cod Jewelry® Collection is part of a storied company history focused on quality, design, and craftsmanship using responsibly sourced precious metals backed by a lifetime warranty.

  • LeStage Convertable Bracelets

    The LeStage Convertible Collection® offers endless style possibilities. Select a bracelet from various designs and then choose from over 300 interchangeable clasps that fit on the bracelet.

  • Pacific Urns Memorial Cremation Jewelry

    Pacific Urns is the only manufacturer of cremation jewelry in North America. They design and produce beautiful high quality pieces made to last.

  • Phillip Gavriel Fashion Jewelry

    Phillip Gavriel fine jewelry represents casual and classic elegance for women & men. It is luxury within reach, always crafted from the finest gold & sterling silver offering Italian Fine Jewelry.

  • Stil Novo Solid Gold Italian Jewelry

    Stil Novo Italian Jewelry is beautiful Solid Gold Italian Jewelry with unprecedented designs. This unique collection of Italian made jewelry is just what's been missing in your collection. It's beautiful to look at, exceptionally well made, has great perceived value, yet is remarkably affordable.

  • Nemati Fashion Sea Life Jewelry

    Nemati Jewelry is a New York-based manufacturer of fine diamond and gemstone jewelry. Nemati Jewelry produces classic, elegant Sea Life / Nautical Jewelry designs with unsurpassed quality and detail.

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