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Charleston South Carolina Bracelets

The Southern Lady that is Charleston is rich with tradition and lore, most times seductive and often times full of turmoil and controversy, a striking mix. The earliest recorded history dates back almost 500 years ago, but the history of earlier inhabitants unfolds before us each and every year. The beauty and culture of this "gem of the south" is ensconced into the very fabric of the people, architecture and natural surroundings of the city. Echoing the past and honoring the future the Charleston "Destination" bracelet is a symbolic treasure that embodies the charm of Charleston. The scrolled design emblazoned on the "C" is reminiscent of the wrought iron patterns used in railings and is flanked by two Ionic columns that are seen all over the city. 5 wraps of 14 karat gold represent the 5 forts, that are a part of Charleston's past and heritage, and they complete the design of the Charleston "Destination" bracelet, a treasure to last a lifetime.

Available in two widths, 4mm and 6mm wide.

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