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Ketchikan Destination Bracelets

The heart of an Alaska frontier town beats among the structures and along the streets, avenues and boardwalks of Ketchikan. The Ketchikan Destination Bracelet is a tribute in precious metals to the majestic natural beauty of this island and pioneering spirit of her people. From the moment your eyes fall on K-Town, they embrace the scenic beauty and a hometown feel engulfed in a sea of lush green. It is a welcoming place. The Ketchikan Destination Bracelet has a prominent K that hooks the ever necessary umbrella that the town mascot, the Rainbird, carries and the 10 wraps of 14 karat gold represent the ten miles of dramatic beauty on the hike from downtown, over Deer Mountain and on to Lower Silvus Lake. The Ketchikan Destination Bracelet is a symbolic treasure that will bring K-Town to your heart each time you glance at your wrist.

Available in two widths, 4mm and 6mm wide.