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  • Caribbean Hook Bracelet - Sterling Silver 4mm 8 Inch - S480
  • The Original Caribbean Hook Bracelet Sterling Silver with Sterling Silver Wrap
  • Item Length: 8.00 inch
  • Item Width: 4.00 MM
  • Jewelry Type: Hook Bracelets, Caribbean Hook Bracelet
  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Wearing the hook towards your heart shows your heart is taken, and holding all of your love for that special someone. Wearing the hook away from your heart shows you are available, and love and good fortune will come your way.


  • Caribbean Hook Bracelet
Hook Bracelet Sizing

Receiving the wrong size bracelet can be frustrating, please take the time to measure your wrist, simply follow the instructions below.

When ordering the correct size bracelet, measure over your wrist bone loosely, and add a half an inch, select the size that is closest to your measurement.

The average women's size bracelet is size 7. The average men's bracelet is size 8. If you are ordering any size other then the above recommendation please measure your wrist very carefully to avoid getting the wrong size bracelet.

For example: If your wrist measures 6 1/2 inches, add one 1/2 inch. You would order a 7 inch bracelet.

If your wrist measures 5 3/4, add one 1/2 inch, which would give you 6 1/4 inches, now round off to the next size up. We would recommend ordering a 6 1/2 inch bracelet.

This sizing is for Caribbean Hook Bracelets and not for the Caribbean Clasp Bracelets

Caribbean Clasp Bracelets

To measure for the Caribbean Clasp Bracelets please deduct 1 inch from your wrist measurements as the clasps themselves are 1 inch. So if you determine that you normally wear a 7 inch bracelet then you would order a 6 inch Custom Clasp Bracelet to allow 1 inch for the clasp.

Caribbean Hook Rings

Rings come in standard ring sizes and do not require any special measurements.

    Returns and Exchanges

    Returns or exchanges are accepted within 14 days from the receipt of your order. Please call 866-338-0386 or email and request a Return Authorization.

    You can exchange your hook bracelet or hook ring one size up or down for a $25.00 fee that includes return shipping costs. To exchange for a wider MM bracelet there is a $35.00 and up exchange fee that includes return shipping costs.

    Caribbean Destination Bracelets and USA Destination Bracelets are a special order item and can not be returned or exchanged.

    14k Gold Bracelets and Rings are a special order item and can not be returned or exchanged. Please measure carefully before ordering.

    All Silver Bracelets and Two Tone Bracelets can be returned or exchanged.

    Order Your Caribbean Bracelet or Ring Exchange Here!

The most popular hook bracelets are in stock and ship the next business day.

With over 15,000 combinations of styles and sizes, not every size and style are in stock at all times. If your item is not in stock it will be ordered from the factory in the Dominican Republic. Factory deliveries take 10-14 days to arrive.

If your order is a gift please let us know the date it needs to be delivered and we will do our best to get it there in time.

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