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Sarasota Destination Bracelets

At the heart of Florida's Sun Coast, Sarasota beckons to all that enjoy a sub tropical lifestyle filled with culture, history and nature. The Sarasota Destination Bracelet embodies the city's nautical heritage, as well as natural beauty and unique spirit. The union of sun, sand and sea are captured in precious metals and wrought in wearable symbolism as a tribute to life by the sea and the magnificent coastal wonders that await. The "S" embraces a gulf sunset touching the shimmering ocean over a clove hitched pier piling and the union of these symbols reminds one of the "hook" that this spectacular locale has on the hearts of many. Adorned with two 14K Gold wraps representing the surrounding Sarasota Bay and Gulf, the Sarasota Destination Bracelet is as inspired as it is inspiring... wear and enjoy!

Available in two widths, 4mm and 6mm wide.