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South Carolina Destination Bracelets

From the sea to the mountains and everything in between, South Carolina has a flavour to satisfy every taste. The history and lore of the 8th state is rich with tales of adventurers and explorers, pirates and privateers, men and women of pioneering spirit as well as historically and culturally important events that helped shape a nation. The South Carolina Destination Bracelet is a tribute in precious metals, with the symbolic union of the Crescent and Palmetto by an "SC", representing the hook that South Carolina has on the hearts of many. 8 wraps of 14 karat gold represents her 8th state in the union status and complete the historically based design. The South Carolina Destination Bracelet is a unique symbolic way to show your pride in a state that has so much to graciously offer.

Available in two widths, 4mm and 6mm wide.